I-15 Central Corridor 
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I-15 Central Corridor Background

Over the past three decades, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), in partnership with FHWA, has made investments in improvements to I-15 to keep up with the growth in the Las Vegas area. The existing I-15 Central Corridor only accommodates five through lanes in each direction, while future traffic demands are expected to further impact I-15 traffic operations within this segment. NDOT has initiated this initiated this National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis to evaluate options that will meet its goals for the I-15 corridor, enhancing the corridor for the future.

About the Project

NDOT is proposing to address deficiencies along this 4.5-mile stretch of I-15 by evaluating potential improvements that will optimize the operational efficiency and traffic capacity of the Interstate as well as adjacent interchanges with Sahara Avenue, Spring Mountain Boulevard, and Flamingo Road. NDOT is also evaluating the I-15 corridor for additional non-freeway road capacity west of the interstate and new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) freeway access between Desert Inn and Sahara.

NDOT will coordinate with local and regional entities to ensure the proposed improvements serve existing and future transportation needs.

What is a NEPA study?

A National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study evaluates a project proposed by a federal agency, for impacts on the human environment including social, economic, and environmental factors. The public and resource agencies are active participants in the NEPA process. The NEPA study includes consideration of alternatives that meet the identified project purpose and need while avoiding or minimizing environmental impacts. Where impacts cannot be avoided, the lead agencies identify and commit to measures to mitigate environmental harm before moving forward with a project.

Timeline leading to the current NEPA study


NDOT embarked on the I-15 South
Design-Build project

Widened the freeway between Blue
Diamond Road and Tropicana Avenue


NDOT undertook a subsequent endeavor, the first phase of Project Neon

Widened I-15 between the Spaghetti Bowl
(U.S. 95 interchange) and Sahara Avenue


NDOT conducted a Feasibility Study for
future expansion of the I-15 Central Corridor

Identified alternatives primarily focused on
improving the safety and traffic operations
in addition to right-of-way needs necessary
to accommodate future traffic demands.


In August, the I-15 Flamingo to
Sahara Feasibility Study (now known
as Central Corridor) was completed.

The project is now undergoing environmental
studies pursuant to the NEPA.


NDOT and FHWA continue to evaluate improvements through a NEPA analysis within the I-15 Central Corridor. 

I-15 Central Corridor Proposed Design Alternatives

Roadway improvement alternatives are being developed and analyzed at this time. Alternatives that were evaluated in the 2021 feasibility study are serving as the basis for incorporating the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard frontage road extension - between Oakey and Dean Martin/Twain - and a potential HOV interchange in the vicinity of I-15 and Meade Avenue.

Some of the benefits of I-15 Resort Corridor improvements

The benefits of improving I-15 along the Resort Corridor are:

Matching the capacity of this I-15 segment with stretches of I-15 north of Sahara Avenue and south of Tropicana Avenue

Reducing emissions and improving connectivity and travel-time reliability

Improving safety for motorists and pedestrians along the corridor including adjacent surface streets

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